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welcometext="<center><b style="color:#FA7000;">Welcome to your mumble name!</b></center><br><b style="color:#FA7000;">GAME SERVER</b><br><a href="steam://connect/ip/password"><span style="color:#FA7000;" style="text-decoration:none">Server Name: </span><span style="color:black;">Click to Connect!</span><br><span style="text-decoration:none" style="color:#ff0066;">connect ip; password password</span></a><br><br><b style="color:#FA7000;">MUMBLE DATA</b><br><span style="color:#FA7000;">Name:</span> Seriouz Businezz<br><span style="color:#FA7000;">Ip:</span> <br><span style="color:#FA7000;">Port:</span> 2487<br><br><b style="color:#FA7000;">LINKS</b><br><a href="/ " style="color:#FA7000;"><span style="text-decoration:none">Normal Link: </span><span style="color:black;">Link</a><br><a href="steam://url/GroupSteamIDPage/steam64 group link" style="color:#FA7000;"><span style="text-decoration:none">Group Link (opens grop page in steam): </span><span style="color:black;">Link</a>"

How to write one yourself:
Find your murmur.ini in there write:
you will have to write your welcome text inside the quotation marks. Mumble can display simple html elements and tags such as.

<center>centers text</center>
<br> = Line Break
<hr> = line Break with separation line.
<b>makes text bold</b>
<i>makes text italic</i>
<span>an element without any effects in which you can put your tags</span>
<a href="/you cant put your link here" rel="nofollow">and your text here</a>
<img src="/host your image anywhere on the web and insert a direct link here"></img>

style="color:#FA7000; = pick you color
style="text-decoration:none"= removes underlining from links

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